It is pretty simple:

After you have choosen one of the model kits in the "Choose your Voxophone-Kit"

section, you just have to click on the download link of your choice below.


Package #1 : "Starters Kit"

Download the "Starters Kit" now!

Bioshock Infinite

Compressed Archive in ZIP Format [1.1 MB]



the link leads you to (you open a new site)

What you need to build your model:

First of all you need a program to open the .pdo files.

It is called "Pepakura Viewer" and of course it is free to download!

the link leads you to Pepakura Viewers Homepage (you open a new site)

When you have printed the files with the help of Pepakura Viewer

you just need a pair of scissors and glue to build the model.


And maybe also a bit of patience!


By the way. It is always good to use thick paper to strengthen your model.

The first Voxophone model was made of 200gsm paper (except the small parts like the bulb and the arm).

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