First built Voxophone ever.

This one belongs to the creator of the Voxophone - Papercraft.

It has standard textures and holds a 7'' vinyl LP.


Closeup photo of the Voxophones frontplate seen above.

You can see the "Property of Columbia" engraving in the middle. 


By the way, the buttons are rotatable.

Another closeup. This time the radio display and its red shiny lamp.


Look at the detail of the display and the perfect finish of the Voxophones' arm.

This picture shows the handle also with chrome texture.

You have to look very close and you see that the light brown parts have a leather texture!

The red bulb is one of the most difficult parts of the Voxophone Papercraft.

It is spherical and has tiny parts. 

A screenshot of the model in Google Sketchup.


The model was built from scratch. 

Even the textures were drawn in Photoshop.

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